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Sustainability in our community

Sustainability in our community

Sustainability in our community

Bravus is committed to supporting the communities we are part of. We have close relationships with regional economic development organisations, community groups, councils, and charities. Our success relies on the support of our partners.

Social Impact Management Strategy

Bravus implements Social Impact Management Strategies (SIMS) across five key areas:

  1. Community and Stakeholder Engagement
  2. Housing and Accommodation
  3. Workforce Management
  4. Local Business and Industry Content
  5. Health and Community Wellbeing

The purpose of the SIMS is to identify opportunities for Adani and its contractors to enhance the communities where project operates.

The SIMS are adaptive management strategies. They will continue to be developed and refined through annual monitoring and reporting, in consultation with government, community and other stakeholders.


Community and Stakeholder Feedback

Bravus is committed to genuine community engagement and developing and maintaining positive working relationships with stakeholders, including the receipt and actioning of comments and feedback.

To provide feedback, simply contact us on 1800 423 264 or [email protected]

read more about our Feedback Policy here