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Bravus’ commitment to local

At Bravus, we are proud to be creating thousands of jobs and opportunities for regional Queenslanders.

We are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate and that our people are a part of, through funding for community groups, charities, schools and relationships with Traditional Owners, business groups and councils.

Supporting our community

Bravus provides funding and partnerships to contribute the sustainability of our local regions. Through the community partnerships programs embedded across our business, Bravus has awarded millions of dollars to charities and not for profit groups in regional Queensland.

The grants have supported initiatives including the backing of mental health services in Townsville and Rockhampton through the White Cloud Foundation, the RACQ CQ Rescue Helicopter, Townsville’s Youth With A Mission’s Youth Precinct development and Clermont State School.

Bravus’ investment in its local communities also extends to buying local and developing strategic partnerships with community groups, councils, sporting teams and local economic development agencies.

Working with First Nations People

Bravus respects and recognises the Traditional Owners of the land on which our operations are located. We are committed to creating sustainable employment and economic opportunities for Indigenous communities.

Our Carmichael mine and Carmichael Rail Network is located on the lands of the Juru, Jangga, Birriah and Clermont and Belyando people (formerly the Wangan and Jagalingou). Bravus Mining and Resources has Indigenous Land Use Agreements and Cultural Heritage Management Plans that support the development of skills and training as well as guide how areas of significance are preserved during construction and operations. These agreements have been in place since 2014 and are creating multigenerational benefits for these groups.

We work with our Traditional Owners under the guidance of these formal agreements and plans, so that we respect the rights, history, future intentions and requests of First Nations People.

Developing Australia’s most important industries

Bravus businesses support a range of programs and initiatives to further Australia’s critical resources, energy and infrastructure industries.

Our commitment to developing the next generation of skilled workers in our industries includes supporting Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy school programs, and fostering our people through apprenticeship, traineeship and graduate programs.

The Bowen Rail Company and Bravus Mining and Resources’ graduate programs, provide 18 months of on-site work with senior engineering teams, complemented by off-site training from Central Queensland University.

Our industries support a strong national economy and export revenue, which help fund the delivery of essential services such as hospitals, schools, and infrastructure. The Queensland Resources Council’s Economic Impact of Minerals and Energy Sector on the Queensland Economy 2020/21 found about one in seven jobs in Brisbane is underpinned by the minerals and energy sectors.