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Bravus Australia

Bravus Australia

Energy for an advancing world

Bravus is at the forefront of a global energy transition. Our Australian businesses produce and deliver energy solutions for a sustainable future, both here and around the world.

Generating the future energy mix

We are progressing the transition to a lower-carbon future. We’re part of the world’s largest multinational solar energy company, the Adani Group.

Global energy mix

Enabling positive growth

We produce resources that support energy security and reduce energy poverty. Our products transform lives through access to reliable and affordable electricity.

Human rights

Supporting our communities

We are deeply committed to creating Australian jobs and opportunities in regional communities. Our companies enable Australian exports.


Delivering on our promises

We operate responsibly, with a demonstrated adherence to best practice safety, environmental and governance processes.


A sustainable and affordable global energy mix

Bravus is a diversified group of Australian businesses delivering integrated energy and infrastructure services for the future. We walk the talk on the energy transition.

We produce high-quality thermal coal at the Carmichael Mine and renewable energy from the Rugby Run solar farm, both in central Queensland. We have pit-to-port operations, our Bowen Rail Company, Abbot Point Operations and North Queensland Export Terminal businesses transport our high quality coal from the Carmichael Mine to the world.

These operations provide reliable and affordable energy solutions that help reduce poverty in the Asia Pacific region and power growth.

We are part of the global Adani Group. Together, our operations are progressing the global transition to a lower emissions future – and fast. The Adani Group is the world’s largest multinational solar energy company and a pioneer in emerging renewables technologies via Adani New Industries Limited, in areas such as green hydrogen.

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited, and Adani Transmission Ltd have committed to net zero carbon targets in line with the world’s leading decarbonisation framework, the Science-Based Targets initiative. Adani Green Energy has also set a net zero target and has the world’s biggest renewable energy portfolio, comprising solar, wind and hybrid power.

Empowering our communities

Our energy products, and the businesses that transport and export them, are fuelling positive growth for the future.

Bravus supports energy security for growth and poverty reduction in the Asia Pacific region. Access to electricity in the developing world means the ability to gain an education, improved quality of life, and a brighter future. Bravus and the broader Adani Group believe that access to affordable and reliable energy has a transformational impact on people’s lives.

We believe in uplifting future generations at the same time as we meet the challenge of climate change – and we are doing it now.

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