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Bravus in Australia

Bravus is a diversified group of Australian businesses delivering integrated energy and infrastructure services.

Bravus’ Australian businesses support a sustainable and affordable global energy mix, progressing the transition to a lower-carbon future.

Our people provide energy and infrastructure solutions from regional Australia that support communities across the world.

We’ve been in Australia for more than a decade, bringing investment, new ways of operating, and working with communities since 2010. Our businesses have grown to encompass thermal coal, solar energy, port operations, and rail operations.

Part of the global Adani Group , Bravus is committed to delivering at the forefront of a future energy mix by producing and transporting high quality Australian coal, and renewable energy.

Bravus’ Australian history

“It is my promise that we will continue to invest and do our part to help the people wherever we operate”

- Gautam Adani.

Part of the Adani Group

The Adani Group is a leading business conglomerate that is focused on enriching lives, creating sustainable value and empowering India.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the Adani Group operates cutting edge technologies at scale. It is one of the world’s largest conglomerates with businesses in the energy, transport, infrastructure, agribusiness, ports, airports, data centres, cement, and utility sectors.

The Adani Foundation invests millions of dollars each year into community initiatives. These have included funding the construction of hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic, developing biodiversity parks, and empowering rural communities through education, transport, and electricity.

A vision for local and global growth

A vision for local and global growth

Bravus has demonstrated its commitment to Australia over more than a decade.

It started with the 2010 purchase of a greenfield coal tenement in central Queensland’s Galilee Basin, before ramping up with the 2011 acquisition of the export terminal at the Port of Abbot Point and land for the proposed mine site in 2012.

The Adani Group’s vision was for a major integrated pit-to-port operation that would provide high-quality, lower-emission Queensland thermal coal for the global market. This would supply much-needed energy security to lift people in the developing world from poverty. The driving force was always the transformative impact of electricity supply to overcome disadvantage across the world.

Over time, the Group’s vision expanded to include investment in at-scale solar and renewable developments in India to complement, and in the long-term replace, thermal energy from coal.

Committed to Australia

Committed to Australia

As the Carmichael Project stalled, Bravus’ Australian companies continued to develop the Rugby Run solar farm in central Queensland. Safe operations also continued at the North Queensland Export Terminal.

But the term “Stop Adani” gathered pace in Australian politics. Organised anti-mining activism has grown as a political and social movement. Supported financially by overseas interests, local activists devised a plan to “disrupt and delay” key projects and infrastructure to develop the Galilee Basin.

Bravus was caught in the centre of a political fight that merged with the international divestment campaign. Stop Adani posters were plastered to walls across Melbourne and Sydney.

We were committed. We also had the support of regional Queensland communities whose livelihoods are linked to the resources sector, and particularly the coal sector, which is Australia’s second largest export industry. These communities devised their own campaigns, to support the project, Start Adani and Go Galilee Basin. Regional Queenslanders are proud and passionate about the export coal industry that they are a part of, and could see through the myths and lies being peddled by the Stop Adani campaign.

We successfully completed multiple rounds of approvals, government regulatory changes, and court challenges over the course of eight years to deliver the Carmichael project.

From Stop to Start

From Stop to Start

In 2018, the Adani Group announced it would self-finance a $2bn scaled down 10 million tonne per annum mine and a shorter, narrow gauge rail line.

In June 2019, following the final environmental approvals from the Queensland Government, Adani Mining (now Bravus Mining and Resources) announced it would proceed with construction of the Carmichael Project.

More than 15,000 people had already registered their interest to work on the Carmichael project. Headquartered from Townsville, North Queensland, and through a business centre in Rockhampton, central Queensland, construction ramped up through locally-based contractors such BMD, G&S, DRA Global, Stresscrete, Austrak, Wagners, Bennetts, Hastings Deering, Hillery Group and Mendi Group. As the Carmichael project continues into operations, we are continuing to work with local contractors including Mackellar Group, Hinterland Aviation, SkyTrans, SMW Group and Rhomberg Rail.

Meanwhile, we continued to operate our port and renewable energy businesses safely, and in 2020 launched a new brand for our export terminal at Abbot Point, NQXT. We also launched the Bowen Rail Company in the same year.

In 2022, the Adani Australia business changed its name to Bravus.

Bravus’ focus is deliberately local, we invest in the communities that support us. This is Bravus’ Australian story.

Committed to responsible operations

Amid the noise over the Carmichael Project, Bravus Australia’s other operations continued to deliver responsible operations. These included exporting resources from the North Queensland Export Terminal, and delivering solar power to homes and businesses from Adani Renewables’ Rugby Run solar farm.

Bravus Australia leadership team

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