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Bowen Rail Company

Bravus’ Bowen Rail Company is combining world-leading technology and clever solutions to advance the safety, environmental and economic standards of the freight industry.

Queensland’s next generation rail freight business

The Bowen Rail Company connects Queensland’s high-quality resources producers to the North Queensland Export Terminal and international markets. Our operations support the community of Bowen and drive economic prosperity for the nation.

Next generation train fleet

The Bowen Rail Company’s next generation rail fleet includes 14 locomotives and 536 wagons that operate on the Carmichael Rail Network and Newlands system to deliver Queensland’s high-quality resources to the North Queensland Export terminal, and the world.

The new Progress Rail EMD® GT46C-ACe Gen III locomotives are the most technologically advanced freight locomotives ever in Australia.

The locomotives use new safety technology to improve braking, making them safer and easier to operate for the Bowen Rail Company’s train crew. They also feature advanced IT systems to allow experts in the operations centre to track the trains and assist train crews as required from anywhere in Australia.

Using 10 per cent less fuel than other diesel trains operating in the Bowen Basin and across Australia, the use of these fuel-efficient locomotives reinforces Bravus’ commitment to sustainability.

All of the trains have drivers. Bowen Rail Company is committed to providing local job opportunities in the Bowen region.

One train consists of two locomotives and 84 wagons and carries approximately 7300 tonnes of freight where traditional train configurations in the Bowen Basin would need three locomotives.

The Progress Rail EMD® GT46C-ACe Gen III locomotives were built in the Caterpillar Company’s Progress Rail business in the USA.

536 wagons + 14 locomotives

Fleet of 536 wagons and 14 locomotives  

4 trains

Four trains to run each day  

200km Network

Operating on the 200km Carmichael Rail Network


Providing real jobs for real people

Supporting our community

Supporting our community

Bravus is committed to supporting the local communities in which we operate. The Bowen Rail Company is headquartered in Bowen, North Queensland, where it is part of a highly skilled rail and resources industry. The company is the first rail freight company to be established in Australia in decades. We are committed to employing local people from the Whitsunday region, demonstrating our support for local businesses and industry.

With Bravus’ other Australian businesses, the Bowen Rail Company is working to create pathways for Queenslanders to enter the rail sector through innovative up-skilling programs. From the lifestyle rosters on offer to the brand-new fleet and equipment supporting safe and efficient rail operations, Bowen Rail Company is dedicated to investing in its people and the community.

Enabling pit-to-port operations

Enabling pit-to-port operations

The Bowen Rail Company operates on the Carmichael Rail Network and connects Queensland’s Galilee Basin to existing rail infrastructure and the North Queensland Export Terminal - Australia’s most northerly coal export port.

The approximately 200km Carmichael Rail Network is part of Bravus’ Carmichael Project and the Bravus Mining and Resources’ Carmichael mine was the railway’s foundation customer providing a true pit-to-port operation.

Approximately trains run each day and one round trip from the Carmichael Mine to the North Queensland Export Terminal takes approximately 23 hours including loading and unloading time.