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North Queensland Export Terminal

Bravus’ North Queensland Export Terminal (NQXT) is a dedicated deep-water coal export terminal that services and supports Australia’s significant resources sector and the community in which it operates.

Export gateway for Queensland resources

The NQXT has a nameplate capacity of 50 million tonnes per annum, providing strategic access to nearly a dozen major resource production companies and supporting the Queensland and Australian economies.

Safe and responsible operations

NQXT has been operating safely, responsibly, and efficiently in central Queensland for more than 35 years. The multi-user export cargo handling facility is located in the Port of Abbot Point, one of only three major resource ports within 200km of the Bowen Basin, one of Australia’s major resource provinces.

The NQXT Terminal is owned by the Queensland Government’s North Queensland Bulk Ports and leased by NQXT. Bravus’ Abbot Point Operations (APO) manage the operations of the terminal.

The terminal is connected to railway systems that provide access from the Bowen Basin and is an export gateway for the Galilee Basin. Since commencing operations in 1984, the terminal has expanded progressively to its current nameplate capacity. In financial year 2021, 29 million tonnes of high quality thermal and metallurgical coal were loaded through our terminal.

NQXT is committed to providing and maintaining the highest health and safety standards for all workers, contractors and visitors and works with the APO to support the implementation of safety working practices and workplace culture.

Australia’s northernmost export terminal

NQXT is Australia’s northernmost export terminal located 25km north of Bowen

Operating since 1984

It has been operating safely and responsibly since 1984

32 million tonnes

More than 32 million tonnes of coal were loaded through the terminal in FY2020

Commitment to the environment and sustainability

Bravus is committed to the highest standards of environmental management and sustainability and the NQXT is no exception. The Terminal has been exporting high quality thermal and metallurgical coal from Queensland mines to the world safely and responsibly for more than three decades.

The Terminal operates under a robust Environment and Sustainability Framework adjacent to protected terrestrial and marine environments. The Terminal is dedicated to protecting the local environment and operates under ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System accreditation requirements. All works are undertaken in strict compliance with environmental requirements and the terminal operator APO works closely with approval bodies to ensure all activities are managed appropriately in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Support for our community

Like all of Bravus’ Australian companies, NQXT is dedicated to the local community around Bowen and its Community Support Program is led by APO as the terminal operator. The program has identified opportunities to create positive social impact through support for a range of community groups and activities in the focus areas of health, education, environment and sustainability. The program is continually developed and refined in consultation with government, community groups and key stakeholders.