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Bravus sustainability

Delivering a global energy mix

Bravus, as part of the Adani Group, is at the forefront of a lower-carbon energy future.

We acknowledge the important role energy and infrastructure companies must play to decarbonise our supply chains. We too, are acting on climate change.

The Adani Group is leading the development of large-scale renewable energy in India. This includes solar electricity and green hydrogen technologies. Three major companies in the Adani Group portfolio have committed to carbon-reduction plans in line with the Science-Based Targets initiative. This will help to meet the growing global demand for energy.

Neha Varthe’s story

Neha Varthe’s story

Neha Varthe was 18 years old when an Adani company connected her urban village outside Mumbai to electricity. Her family now has access to power around the clock, a mixture of solar and coal-fired energy. For the Varthe family, it has been transformative.

“Now we can study at night. We have a fridge. We are safe at night.”

Transitioning to a lower-carbon future

Bravus’ Australian businesses support a sustainable and affordable global energy mix, progressing the transition to a lower-carbon future.

Our operations include the export of higher-efficiency coal from Queensland, reducing reliance on lower-quality resources from other sources.

Renewable energy alone is not sufficient to meet the growing demand for electricity in the developing world at this point in time. Efficient coal generation is part of the transition to a cleaner, greener energy future in the coming decades.

Providing reliable baseload power and renewable energy will pave the way for a sustainable future.

The Adani Group is also making world-leading investments into solar generation and the emerging hydrogen energy sector to support a sustainable energy mix.

Protecting our local environments

Bravus businesses adhere to strict environmental approvals for our operations across regional Queensland.

These approvals require us to monitor and manage groundwater and water systems, maintain management plans for specific species, and conduct environmental research.

Our businesses seek to reduce our impact on the environment and increase contributions to society and the economy.