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Current and Future Land Management

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As we move into operations at the Carmichael Mine, the Mine team are planning for future Operations and beyond.  A key component of that planning is site rehabilitation. “Rehabilitation” or “restoration” refers to the measures and actions used to return land disturbed by activities of mining and exploration operations to a comparable pre-mining standard – with a focus on agricultural grazing at Carmichael Mine.   

 Like other Queensland mines, the Carmichael Mine outlined its planned approach to rehabilitation of disturbed areas throughout the approval process.  This approach was approved by both State and Federal regulators in 2014.

Comprehensive studies and approvals over the last nine years have informed Bravus’ thorough approach to land restoration.


Our Commitment

Bravus Mining & Resources is committed to ensuring that land disturbed by mining activities is progressively rehabilitated to a safe and stable landform that can sustain approved post-mining land uses, mainly grazing. 

Following nine years of assessment by both the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments, the Carmichael Mine has comprehensive and strict conditions about rehabilitation of grazing land after mining activities have finished.  These conditions are outlined in detail in the Environmental Authority (the EA), following on from the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process.

In addition, the Mine has contemporary conditions from the Queensland Government, which reflect industry best practice and align with the Queensland Government’s new legislation which Bravus like other existing mines will transition to in accordance with the Queensland Government’s requirements.

Just like all Queensland coal mines, the Carmichael Mine has comprehensive rehabilitation conditions and will be subject to the same rules and conditions that apply to existing coal mines.

Our Approach

A full schedule describing the rehabilitation obligations for the Carmichael Mine is outlined within the EA.  Final land uses for various habitats across the Mine, including a range of areas for grazing, are also outlined in the reports developed as a part of the EIS process.

Further commitments have been approved by the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments in plans such as the Black-throated Finch Management Plan and the Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan.  Those plans include the actions Bravus will undertake to rehabilitate disturbed vegetation as a part of our commitment to those species.

Bravus will comply with the conditions of our approvals and we will report against these conditions in accordance with the regulators’ requirements.

In addition to complying with these strict rehabilitation obligations, Bravus has more than 33,000 hectares of conservation areas set aside to compensate for impacts on land.  Importantly this 33,000 hectares is about 126 times the size of the initial 10 mtpa development area.  

Our Process


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