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Carmichael Rail

Carmichael Rail

Carmichael Rail

Delivering jobs and opportunities for regional Queensland.

We are building the 200km narrow-gauge Carmichael Rail project to connect the Carmichael Mine to the North Queensland Export Terminal via existing rail infrastructure.

This allows Bravus to export quality Queensland coal faster, to meet the global demand.

Australian companies Martinus and BMD are completing the civil construction works on the rail line with girders and concrete culverts being produced locally in central Queensland.

What is it?

  • 200km narrow-gauge rail line to connect the Carmichael Mine to existing rail infrastructure

Where is it?

  • The rail line connects the Galilee Basin in central Queensland to existing infrastructure to facilitate coal exports for Galilee Basin coal mines

What are the benefits

2,000+ direct jobs delivered for local people during construction of the Mine and Rail project

More than $1.5 billion in contracts awarded for Mine and Rail project to benefit local economies

Mining taxes and royalties from the mine will help build new schools, hospitals and roads across Queensland