Claims Laid to Rest

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There are two consistent themes in the comments by Liberal/Coalition supporters in the leadup to the election: ‘Shock, horror, the unions will control Australia if you let Labor win’ and ‘Shock, horror, the economy will collapse if you let Labor win’. Both nonsense… and here’s some discussion of why the latter is nonsense:


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  1. RobW says:

    One of the things that always annoys about those who claim that neoliberal policies are economic good news despite the obvious inequality they produce is that “everyone is better off”. So real incomes for the poorest are a little improved, while the wealth of the richest is extraordinarily improved. The argument is the system that created the disparity is the same one that created the growth itself – but what if, as is most sensible to think, the growth would have happened anyway, and the economic policies merely ensure that it was very inequitably distributed?

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