A Liberal Legacy Betrayed

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Excellent article by Robert Dean on the Liberal Party1 as started by Robert Menzies, and the parlous state it has fallen to under John Howard.


  1. For readers not in Australia, the Liberal Party is the main party of the political right in Australia, which confuses people from places where ‘liberal’ is an epithet thrown at the left. This article goes some way to explaining why ‘liberal’ used to make sense for the Liberal Party but no longer does.

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  1. Mark says:

    That’s quite thought provoking. I think that one of the main issues of life is how to maintain worthwhile ideals. I guess that they form more easily in the clarity and quality that Menzies expressed them when people are faced with the sort of war of survival of civilization that was being fought then. Now in time of prosperity maintaining ideals must seem like hard work.

    So, if we can solve the problem of how to maintain the best ideals when you’re safe and well-fed, what type of spiritual exercise is required, and get people to do it, that would be fantastic.

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