An excellent result

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This report from The Age says that wealthier parents are more often sending their kids to public schools:


That’s an excellent thing, from my perspective, because (a) it means the public schools don’t end up as neglected ghettos for the poor and (b) it means the affluent are more likely to throw their considerable electoral muscle behind better support for public education.

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  1. RobW says:

    Hopefully it demonstrates a real shift in attitude. I’ve seen it argued that the “Anglo” approach to welfarism of deliberately two-tiered systems where the public version of education or health is considered a safety net for the less well-off is a less useful approach than that found in other societies (well, the example used is usually France, which, given Sarkozy’s yen for Americanisation, may make it an historical example only) where the people regard the public systems of education and health as a societal resource which everyone pays for and everyone uses. Paradoxically, the safety net approach seems to produce below-standard services for the very people it is supposed to help, while the better off are encouraged to be resentful of the taxes they pay to fund them.

    Of course, Australians are such world-class innovators we’ve managed to produce the worst of both approaches: two-tiered systems where the safety net public version is cash-strapped and struggling to maintain standards of service; while significant public subidies go to the private versions, directly in the case of education in state funding for private schools, indirectly via targeted tax rebates, and money spent on hectoring advertising, to encourage people to take up private health insurance.

  2. Sirdar says:

    See….there is our problem. Were not wealthy. Were so poor we don’t even send our kids to school 🙂

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