Glorious Rain

I won’t be riding to work today: too rainy. (And I have plenty of course development work that I can do better at home anyway.)

Loving the sound of rain on the roof all night. It virtually never set in and rained solidly for a day or two in Edmonton – just showers or snow – and in the drought we’ve been having here in Brisbane since we arrived we’ve been very lucky even to get showers, and every bit of rain is greeted with delight. We’ve had nearly 50 mm (close to two inches in the old money) over night… and that’s the amount that apparently we need to wet down the ground before any even starts to run off into the badly depleted (15% of capacity) dams. But the good news is that (a) the rain did actually hit the catchment areas this time – it seemed to be avoiding them with laser-like precision for most of the summer and (b) there is more to come, so we should actually see some desperately-needed replenishment of the dams.

I can’t work at home tomorrow, but I’m willing to ride in the rain and carry dry pants with me if it means we get more rain.

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For some reason this year seems like the past. We have had some soaker rains this spring and if you read my blog you will see we had a tornado touch down just south of Stony Plain this afternoon.

Hope you guys get some rain. You obviously need it.

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