Does Faith Make You A Better Person?

Creationists behaving badly

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We all have faith in something or Someone or other. These guys are only different in that they wear their faith on their sleeve.

As the article says, good preachers get rock-star status in the US. I’m in 2 minds about whether this is a good or bad thing. On the one hand, diversity of approaches to origins is good. I.e. if more groups are independently criticizing the current evolutionary whitewash, that would be good.

But on the other hand, the totality of those voices is still pretty small, so I want to see the few we have speaking firmly!

But as a guy on Oprah promoting Biblical literacy said, most Americans couldn’t name the first book of the Bible and think Billy Graham preached the Sermon on the Mount. And yet 65% go to church! So either way it’s a long haul or a lost cause.

If they were arguing about origins models, though, I could see some value in the conflict. It seems more like petty squabbling about money and power…

Sorry, that first post was a bit incoherent. I was rushing off to pick up the kids from school.

This is not the first personality problem AiG has had. There are some pretty strong personalities in the group. I used to do support group work for them. Fortunately they are not the only group showing the reasonableness of biblical creation model, just the most visible.

Part of the problem in this case, so I’ve been told, is tension between the requirement for the US and those for Australia. It may make sense for them to split. The downside for the Australian arm is that the magazine is published here and they would lose subscriptions is the US arm (i.e. Ken Ham) stopped promoting it as the main organ of the ministry.

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