A Tale of Two Viruses

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So I’m home from work sick today, just a cold but it’s turned into a chest infection that has me coughing and short of breath and with a fever and headache. While I’m here I’m also tending a sick computer: the kids’ computer is well but the “parents’ computer” has been infected with the Win32:CTX virus, also known as ‘Dengue’, and that’s been doing things like wrecking drivers and stopping it printing. Apparently it kills the whole computer 6 months after infection, so I’m rooting out every trace of it now to be sure.

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  1. Sirdar says:

    Oh man…and you wonder why the University is so heavy handed with their computers 🙂

    I’ve been pretty lucky so far with all my computers. Mind you I’ve used Nod32 pretty much my whole computer life. With the iMac I haven’t used anything yet…and won’t at least until there is something to catch. But I am sure that day will come…

    Good luck!! And hope you feel better. If you have been reading my blog you will have noticed that Dawn has been sick for some time now and she temporarily gave it to me. I only had it a couple of days….she has had something for a month.

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