It’s a Small Web After All

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Alex’s best friend Lynsey said to her on MSN ‘I found this site on the net with an awesome poem! Go to www.bravus.com.au/blog and search for this poem‘. Alex then told her ‘That’s my Dad’s blog, and I wrote that poem with him!’ (2 years ago, as it happens.) Apparently Lynsey had googled for ‘Alex Geelan’ (kind of a friend ‘vanity google’), but not realised the connection when she found the blog and poem (not knowing my Bravus alias). Kinda cool.

(and yes, if you’ve ever been to Disneyland you now have that confounded song stuck in your head all day – {evil grin})

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  1. Sirdar says:

    That is funny!! I would imagine the surprise on her friends face when she found out that Alex was the author.

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