Blogging – harder than it looks?

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My good buddy Paul Donnett at The Nuggery is hanging up his jock and heading for the showers when it comes to blogging. He hung in there for a good long time, and wrote some great stuff, but ended up just feeling like it was work, and like he had other things to write. I’ve taken down the link to his blog in my blogroll at the right, since it’s officially retired, but you’ll always be able to link to it from this post.

Of the half-dozen friends who got into blogging at about the same time last year, really only Lorne and I are still standing… the quality and quantity go up and down, I think, but when I tried to take a break I just found I was running into ideas I wanted to write about again. So sometimes it’s hard to do, but Paul, it’s also hard to stop…

4 responses to “Blogging – harder than it looks?”

  1. editengine says:

    All I do is http://sticksoffire.com/ I found I didn’t have the chops to write well and often. So now I contribute to this group blog here in Tampa.

  2. Bravus says:

    Bah, and I thought I had that linked but didn’t. Remedied!

  3. editengine says:

    hey that is great but we are pretty local oriented, I don’t know that people outside tampa will find it all that interesting!

  4. Sirdar says:

    Thanks for getting me started…and keeping me in. If you remember I was also going to quit. I found that there are some people who read what I say but don’t comment. Even some of the people at work have been reading which was a surprise to me. Good thing I didn’t say too much about work. Now it I can only get them commenting….

    Too bad about Paul’s blog. The only comment I would have to say is that his blog did look like a lot of work. Most posts could be considered short stories as opposed to a blog post. I probably should have commented more on his blog…but we didn’t seem to have a lot of thoughts in common. I do have to say he thinks deeply.

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