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Maybe I’m just a cynical guy… but the Oilers pretty much sucked tonight except for a couple of passages of play, and lost 3-6 to the Ducks. If they’d won it’d have been the end of the series, meaning that three games (with lots of ticket sales and other associated earnings) wouldn’t have been necessary. I’m not saying they took a dive, but I suspect they weren’t too disappointed to have a couple more games. I suspect they’ll want to wrap it up next game in Anaheim… and I’ll be most annoyed if they lose the next 3 in a row and the series!

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  1. Marshdrifter says:

    Yay. Yet another day of being a hockey widower.

    Not that it’s too unfair, mind you. She spends a whole lot of time being an archaeology widow.

  2. Sirdar says:

    It was just one game…after winning 7 in a row. There were 10 players with flu symptoms during the past little while. They will get their legs back.

    As for your reason for a “dive”…the only people who get more money from the games are the owners. The players don’t get anything unless they make it to the finals…and even then it isn’t a lot compared to their normal salary. Believe me they wanted to end the series last night as then they would get a rest. They have played a game every second night for a while now. They need a rest.

  3. Bravus says:

    Well, it’s all over! The Oil won 2-1 on the road last night to get themselves into the Stanley Cup finals! The horn-blowing and yelling in the city went on for hours last night, and I’m sure Whyte Ave was nuts.

    I’m sure, too, that they didn’t take a dive in the previous game: some of them had lost 10-12 pounds from the flu, and one had even burst a blood vessel in his eye from hurling so hard with the flu. I guess (and maybe this comes back to that ‘positioning’ thing I talked about a few days ago), believing they threw the game was attractive because it meant they could actually win a gme any time at will and actually chose not to. The notion that they tried hard and still lost was scarier… but more realistic.

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