Benefits of Disorganisation

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So I’m off to Stanford University in northern California this week for the second of three ‘residence’ sessions as part of my Carnegie Scholarship. The workshop is from Thursday to Sunday, and starts at 1 pm on Thursday, so I’m flying out at 6 am that day to get there in time (flight to Calgary then to San Francisco, then a couple of different trains down to Palo Alto).

For some reason I thought I was flying out on Wednesday, so I’ve organised a colleague to cover my classes and everything on Wednesday… and now I realise I’m not going until Thursday. Ah well, it’s not as though I have so little to do that an extra day without commitments will be wasted!

Being somewhat disorganised often costs me time, money and stress, but in this instance it’s actually paid off!

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  1. Sirdar says:

    I always say “why do today when you can do it tomorrow…it’s not like it will get done today anyway!!” Have a great trip. You deserve it!!

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