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This blog has been moribund for a while, but as I was casting around for a ‘way in’ to write the book I’m writing at the moment, it occurred to me that one way might be to think through things in blog posts. It offers an immediate, if small, audience for the work, and one that I can imagine while writing, but it’s not academic writing so I can be a bit more easy and casual with idioms and images, and with conventions of communication like referencing.

So, over the next few weeks, as the mood strikes and the muse pleases, I’ll kick around a few ideas about ‘Explanation and Explaining in Science and Science Education’ here on the blog. New posts are automatically notified on Twitter and (I think) Facebook: feel free to ignore if this doesn’t interest you.

Looking forward to it: definitely a ‘middle space’ between the ephemerality of Facebook posts and tweets and the permanence of a published book.

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