What It Takes

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So, 85 kg today. That’s 22 kg down from where I started, and 10 kg from my goal weight. Progress bar 69%.

Two weeks ago there was a week with two birthday parties in it, and I was dramatically (like, double) over my targets on those days. One week ago there was a games party with beers and I was over again for a day. Still under for each week, but not always by enough to lose a kilo.

This week I was well under until yesterday. Thought I was doing OK until 8 pm when I discovered 900 kJ I’d missed that day. That would have put me over target for the day by at least that much.

I could have left it – I was still well under on aggregate for the week. But before the party weeks I’d been under target every day for months. It’s going to get tougher from here on, so that discipline is important.

So I hied myself off to the gym and burned a quick 400 Calories or about 1600 kJ on the treadmill while watching the replay of the Manly game, to be well under for the day.

I’ve enjoyed the whole process, and it’s been far from a long trudge of privation, but make no mistake – it takes willpower and motivation and discipline.

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