Fasting More Slowly

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(hmm, kind of failing at blogging anything but weight loss and health stuff lately – ah well, in some ways with over 1800 posts here, and with my dislike of repeating myself, I’ve already opined on a heap of the other things I might have an opinion on! And politics is just too depressing to even write about at the moment…)

Alex and I have been attempting the 5:2 diet – two non-contiguous fast days a week. I’ve tried both completely fasting for a day, and the alternative of having no breakfast or lunch but having dinner that is less than 500 Cal/2000 kJ.

I think it’s something I’d like to continue, but not while I’m *also* dieting quite intensely. I’m already burning lots of fat and not eating a lot, and that is not a good lead in to the fast days: not when I’m also very busy, working hard and doing heaps of exercise. I think it also makes me hungrier and less satisfied across the week, which may even make the net energy for the week higher rather than lower.

So, not sure what Alex will do, but my plan is to just suspend the 5:2 notion for the few months until I hit my target weight. Once I’m back on ‘maintenance’ levels of 8000 or so kJ a day rather than my current 5500 or so, I think it will be much more doable, and a healthier thing to do.

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