Respect The Skills

A student (whom I like and have enjoyed teaching) opined that s/he didn’t see how one of the required activities – presenting a lesson to peers – helped to prepare them as beginning teachers. I said a number of other things, but also said this:

Last thing for now: to some extent, it’s necessary for you to trust that we know what we’re doing. You’re smart, thoughtful and well read, but this is your first year in teacher education. It’s my 20th, and I’ve taught hundreds of students in four universities in three countries. If I judge that something will help to develop a beginning teacher, that judgement is informed by extensive reading, study and knowledge in the field and extensive experience… sometimes you have to just recognise the knowledge and skills. This is by no means an ‘STFU n00b’ message. 😉 Just something to think about. And you do have the right to ask me to explain the reasons for my judgement – and I will.

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