Bad Science

Yep: cherry-picking is a good way of making the ‘data’ fit the conclusion… and a terrible way of making the conclusion mean anything about the real world.

(and yes, if y’all read Pharyngula daily I’d post a little less frequently ;))

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Awesome comment from Pharyngula by ‘pinkey’:

I almost discovered the same thing! (Soon to be published in a prestigious non-peer-reviewed journal.)


1) The average height of a newborn baby is 17 inches.
2) The average height of an American adult man (21 years old) is 70 inches.

From birth to the age of 21 the average American man grows 53 inches, which equates to 0.21 inches per month.

THEREFORE, using a linear regression, we can show that for the baby to be 17 inches at birth he must have been growing for 80.83 months, which is a whopping 71.83 months before conception! LIFE BEGINS BEFORE CONCEPTION!

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