{Begins Scheming…}

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Software developer ‘Bob’ outsources own job to China and whiles away shifts on cat videos

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  1. cj says:

    You are now in deep trouble. A good number of Oz uni managers have been doing that (albeit badly) for years! Shhhhhhh

  2. Mark Patterson says:

    Since he was the best performing employee, I imagine the tasks were easy to communicate and he was in fact a decent programmer. I once took over code from someone who had been move from store manager to programmer and was in over his head, farmed the wok out to Indian programers and then left. It was perhaps the second worst project I have been involved in.

    The code was unworkable, and should have been left in the hands of us 2 developers for a few months to whip into shape. I was unable to do most of the change requests the bosses gave me and in the end they gave me the boot, and the other guy followed soon after.

    Not that that justifies Bob.

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