Minnie the MOOCher

I’ve been hearing about MOOCs – Massive Online Open Courses – on Twitter and around the traps a bit, without really having a good sense of what they are all about.

This blog post by Clay Shirky does a very nice job on not only the ‘what’ but the ‘why’:

If I have one criticism it’s that he sticks to looking at the US situation – to me, much of the excitement around MOOCs is their international potential. Still, well worth a read.

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I have registered for 2 of these online courses and started one last week. We were told there were 170,000 people registered for the course and one of the Prof’s said that if a quarter (I think it was) of those starting actually finished the course he would shave his head!

Very cool: you’re ahead of the curve! That’s one of the nice things about the MOOCs – enrol everyone who wants to, and let attrition take care of itself. Without money on the line, the pressures are different, and come back onto learning over institutional self-protection.

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