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Heard something on the radio the other day about meditation, and was thinking about whether it would benefit me. It might – I both think too much and consuume too many media. There’s always a train of thought, plus a song, plus a heap of allusions, going on in my head, and usually a computer and/or a smartphone and some music playing or a movie running in the background.

Sitting in the lotus position, trying to empty my mind or repeating a mantra doesn’t really appeal to me, so I kind of let the idea slide. But as I rode up to Mt Tamborine for a research retreat this morning, I realised that riding is my meditation.

Meditation is about presence, not absence, about being in the moment, not fretting about the past or the present. And believe me, when there are sudden corrugations in the middle of a tight mountain corner and you’re recalculating the line and leaning off the bike a bit more, and your heart speeds up – you’re there! Can’t afford to be anywhere else!

It’s also about being in your whole body, rather than in your head, and riding is a whole-body activity, much more than driving. It’s about weight distribution and control really does involve every part.

So that’s it – and I just need to find more opportunities to hit the twisties… because while commuting also involves a lot of attention to do safely, the concerns are much more about the other drivers all around than about me, the machine and physics… and it’s the latter that is soothing and mind-cleaning.

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