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Phj34r teh Mighty Ducks!!!1!

I’m not posting this in relation to creationism and evolution, nor homosexuality and homophobia, although it touches on all those issues.

It’s about science education… which is what I do.

Students don’t have to ‘believe in’ evolution: but they do have to understand it.

And, honestly, they are in no position to make judgements about it if they don’t.

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There should be a term for when smart people gleefully quote the worst examples of their opponents thinking. It may be anti-elitist, but it is not very inspiring.

Fair point, though for me this wasn’t a ‘creationists are dumb’ post, not at all. It was partly amusement value and partly sadness. It’s funny to think of our duck overlords, and at the same time everything this child has been taught is untrue. Not the creationism, necessarily, even, but she understands so little of the world…

Must some time look into life stories of homeschooled kids and how they survive when they get out into the world.

Yes, that would be interesting. I heard a woman in NZ extol the virtues of homeschooling and since Helena was a teacher and I was a well-paid software developer we should have been able to manage that, I thought. Well, Helena was not into it, and now I’m a kept man, and I have my doubts about it as the primary teaching location.

But some of the points advanced in favour of homeschooling are:
1. It is not representative of life for people to assemble in groups of the same age
2. The balance of power with 25 active children and 1 adult reduces classes to exercises in crowd control
3. The course needs to be designed for the average student. Exceptional students are not properly catered for
4. The values of the school may well conflict with the values of the home.

In favour of classroom-style schooling:
1. The teacher is a well trained professional
2. The best way to learn something is to teach it, which can happen better when there are numerous students available
3. The students learn to deal with a range of cultures, classes, personality types, religions, intellectual levels etc that would be lacking from the home.

Those are just of the top of my head.

I met up with a home-schooled young man recently at Big Camp. He is a little eccentric, but definitely smart, and not likely to produce the kind of nonsense that PZ is exposing in his blog post.

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