Fixing Education: The View From A Student’s Desk

The title of this article in Forbes magazine might be a bit overblown (and you might have to endure an ad to read the article), but Nikhil Goyal is talking a lot of sense:

It would be awesome if the fact that he’s a student got a bit of a groundswell going.

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I agree with your scorn over the title. It illustrates how we create problems (rather than solve them) – someone needs to save the education system. Right. Someone. A single person would be best, and perhaps right now. I haven’t read the book but I quite doubt this is what the kid set out to do. He drags out the nonsense, and probably does it really well.

But to me, there is a long way between identifying problems, understanding why these truly are problems, even identifying possible solutions and all that stands in their way and needs removing — AND — making any steps towards the solutions, or at least a tiny bits away from the problems. This is where I at times struggle in making sense of my work. It sits on the left side of the gap. I truly enjoy it but have no understanding whatsoever whether or how could any of it ever cross to the other side.

Yeah, it’s the problem I had with the movie ‘Waiting for Superman’, too… and I tend to teach against the myth of the solitary saviour in science education as well.

Nonetheless, the things he points out and the solutions he offers are the same kind of things that thinking people everywhere are talking about (see the next post on education, ‘Utterly Antithetical’).

Doing the right things is hard. But if politicians would at least stop doing the wrong things so enthusiastically there’d be more hope!

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