Armageddon Sick Of This (sorry)

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Good review/interview on Salon of a new book talking about threats to human life on earth:


My own best guess is that it won’t be anything as sexy as Skynet robots, nanobot grey goo or whatever. My top candidates for doing it to ourselves are the (still enormous though not much thought about) nuclear arsenal or just good old pollution and overpopulation. A distant third is a runaway bioweapon. But the universe has lots of other possible nasty tricks up its sleeve… and yet here life is, billions of years on.

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  1. Glenn Weare says:

    Life seems to be very resilient. It has undergone some VERY significant shocks over those billions of years and as you say, Dave, here it is. Unfortunately and inevitably it will undergo some more very significant shocks in the future (don’t disregard asteroids etc) and some of these will be very painful and difficult for humans and of course other animals. Could even wipe us out and allow life to evolve for billions more years. That’s my guess!

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