Loud Music and ‘A Teenager’

Two roughly related happenings. I came in on the bus this morning – too rainy to ride – and was listening to music loudly on my iPhone (using earphones). I was thinking that loud music is like super-sinful desserts: pleasurable on special occasions but unhealthy as a daily diet. But it’s definitely fun to at least have it loud enough to hear all of the complexity of what’s going on…

Then, yesterday, my phone rang in a meeting with colleagues. My ring tone is a very heavy little riff from Opeth (clickety to get the gist), and one of the people present said ‘Oh, you obviously have a teenager at home who has been messing with your phone!’ Was too busy answering it at the time to rebut that, but nup, it’s all me…

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Yes… In my experience it’s the education professionals, the very people who stand up the front of our classes lecturing us on the ills of stereotyping, that stereotype most readily.

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