Arctic Reserve gets the shaft

Yet one more reason (as if more were needed) to loathe the Bush junta: Sneak Attack on Arctic Reserve.

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Well I don’t think according to what I have read that they will find much there anyway. And this editorial is off in a few places.

March 08, 2005
Conflicting Polls Show an Uncertain Public on ANWR
by David W. Moore, Senior Gallup Poll Editor
Three recent polls on the public’s reaction to possible oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge found conflicting results. The public either supports oil drilling by up to a 17-point margin, or opposes such drilling by an identical 17-point margin. While all three polls provide some insights into what the public is thinking, no one poll definitively reflects public opinion on the matter.

So I don’t know what polls they are talking about since they did not cite them. Also the Alaskans love oil drilling. Why? They’re well paid to.

About 15 years ago, a decade after oil began flowing through the Alaska pipeline from the Prudoe Bay field, which is west of the refuge, I visited a high school in Point Barrow at the northern tip of the state. Before oil, the impoverished community housed its students in quonset huts. But the new school had everything, including computers on every desk, and an Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool.

The $50 million school wouldn’t have been there without oil.

The state receives 90 percent of the government’s revenues from Prudoe, and part of that goes into a savings account that now amounts to about $26 billion. Every man, woman and child in the state receives an annual “dividend” from the fund. Last year it was over $2,000. That’s a hefty annual reminder of the role oil plays in the state’s economy.

I don’t know, you guys are from Canada and they drill the crap out of your country. What is it like? Caribou dying in the streets? Rivers running black?

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