(Big) Brother Bear

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This story from PC Magazine (I was alerted to it by one in the UK Telegraph but that site requires registration to read – or the BugMeNot extension for Firefox) about a teddy bear with inbuilt cameras and microphones to montitor your child’s every move… somewhat disturbing, IMO.

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  1. Sirdar Inc. says:

    I’ve seen and heard about the nanny/babysitter cameras that can be in bears or clocks where parents can see what type of treatment their kids are getting when they are out of the house. But this seems to take it one step further. I can see Big Brother using this for “security” reasons.

  2. Jason says:

    You can’t trust those fucking children anyway! Always with their crawling and slobber. They don’t say too much about it, what is it supposed to be something to monitor people that interact with your baby? On the other hand the Touchlight screen sound pretty cool.

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