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Something I’ve been thinking about

First, check out this amazing video. You might have seen it before, but watch it again anyway:

Now, God could have just walked over to the car and switched it on, metaphorically speaking. But how much more amazing and awe-inspiring to do it this way!

Similarly, he absolutely has the power to speak and have the universe appear just as it is: but how much more amazing and awe-inspiring to speak it all in potentia in the one great word of the Big Bang, and then have all the parts connect in precise, incredible ways over nearly 14 billion years of connections to have us here to marvel at it all.

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Yes, I agree with you, it is amazing, and those people arguing so vehemently against you (or was it just Twilight) seem to be stuck in the mode of taking their first impressions of the meaning of the Bible as inspired. The trouble is, what if the ideas being conveyed are so intricate that any attempt to explain them is bound to produce an array of false impressions.

Good on you for sticking it out with the forum people, but you are perhaps too much in the scientistic camp, without being a card carrying member. Cosmology is an unusual science. It’s largely projecting from what we know in a very small sample, relatively speaking, of time and space, to things we have no experience of. So alarm bells should sound. It’s more interesting to pay attention to the failures of the theory than the things it gets right. Even the ptolemaic model could make accurate predictions.

I’m not saying the Bible says the universe is young, even though the CMI type think the first day of the Creation was the creation of the whole universe. It does give that impression on a first cursory reading, but, well, I address that array of false impressions on my commentary of Genesis 1: ( ). This guy has a similar view:

Good to see you agree. Still reckon you’re ascribing to me a degree of certainty around the science that I don’t have and have explicitly denied I have. I explained the current best theory we have available. I never, ever said or pretended that it was Big T True.

I wonder whether perhaps you guys (not precisely sure who this brush paints, but you know who you are) project your own certainty on others, despite my avowed uncertainties…

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