How did you get here? Part 2

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A while ago I posted some of the searches people had done on search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Google that had brought them here. It’s always an amusing thing to watch, for me, so I thought I’d share a few more from the past few days.

  • ontology and epistemology
  • intertextuality
  • skin nude sims2 (this one is present in various combinations almost every day, you bunch of freaks)
  • predictions 2-13-2005
  • which fairytale had a bear prince
  • science stuff
  • pretty girls
  • realism + philosophy
  • sims2 teen woohoo
  • bioforge remake
  • monologues piaget
  • physics exam questions
  • sweatin in the spirit exercise

It’s interesting to note that Google consistently indexes something like 25% of all pages in this site, Yahoo somewhere in the 80-90% range and MSN consistently over 95%. Aren’t stats fun? 😉

3 responses to “How did you get here? Part 2”

  1. Sirdar Inc. says:

    skin nude sims…where are those on your blog!!

  2. Bravus says:

    Hehe – use the search bar on the right of the page to find out!

  3. Bravus says:

    A couple more for today:

    Steiner Kvale psychology and postmodernism
    into lesbians
    explode a paper bag

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