Well, that didn’t last long…

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Mistress Condi and even Dubya have been pretending to be multilateralists who can work with Europe and the rest of the world lately, but the strain was showing. And choosing John Bolton, an outspoken critic of the UN who has been wishing the whole organisation away for years, as the new UN ambassador pretty much just blows that pretense out of the water. Jason’s earlier comments about America bullying ‘because it can’ pretty much sum it up…

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  1. Jason says:

    YEAAAAA! I’m famous!!! And Sirdar thanks for the offer of Canadianship but a lifetime in Florida has given me blood the thickness of grain alcohol. I get cold if the wind blows from the north. In Florida when temps get down to 30f they start talking about closing schools. I would have to learn the PM’s name, and try to like Canadian beer butI understand you get to take a snowmobile to work and wear nothing but snowshoes between September and March so that is pretty cool! Driving on the other side of the road would suck though.:(

  2. Marshdrifter says:

    Driving on the other side of the road?

    Florida drivers must be worse than I remember.

  3. Sirdar Inc. says:

    Jason I think you would like real beer. Snowmobile to work and wear snowshoes? I think you’ve been watching too many National Geographic shows about us. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go stoke the stove in the Igloo…. 🙂

  4. Sirdar Inc. says:

    Oh…and feed the dogs for the dogsled, make sure the moose are sheltered, the reindeer are still in their pens and whack the dust out of the bear rug.

  5. Jason says:

    I KNEW YOU ALL LIVED IN IGLOOS!!!!! Hey in an attempt to be “on topic” I saw this. It appears that Condi and W want to let the EU’s diplomatic efforts have some chance for success. Of course we need to Shiite help in fighting the insurgents in Iraq. I don’t know if Iran really needs nuclear power or not. A quick google search shows that they have abundant energy provided by gas powered steam turbines, wind and solar farms. In fact due to their geography they are pioneers in solar and wind power generation.

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