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Sleep Apnea 6: Resolution!

I don’t have a headache today! I keep feeling for it, like checking a loose tooth with my tongue, but my scone remains resolutely painfree.

I used my (rented) machine at home for the first time last night. It did take some getting used to, but it’s definitely worthwhile, ‘cos I feel much better today, and imagine I’ll keep getting better.

Me in my mask

Went to the doctor yesterday morning, and found out why I still had a headache after the sleep study. In the course of the night they cranked the pressure up from 4 to 9 (cm of water is the pressure unit, so not a lot), but it didn’t stop the events: there were still about 30 in the final hour.

That meant that I went home with an APAP – Adaptive Positive Airway Pressure – machine, instead of the constant pressure CPAP machine. It’s the one that’s a bit smarter, and adjusts the pressure to the resistance it feels. It also records what it does, so I can go back to the doctor at the end of the month and he can see what pressure it was using most often.

The problem is, the APAP costs about twice as much as the CPAP… and twice as much as health funds will pay for. We’d be up for over a grand out of pocket if I needed that machine. So the hope is that the machine will tell us what pressure works, and I’ll try a CPAP for the second month and see if it gets the job done.

We’ll see – but today, I don’t have a headache!

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Poor sausage! And you never said a word to us last night. I guess we have been very self-absorbed with stuff these past couple of months and haven’t paid enough attention. Sorry! Brent went through similar symptoms and was going to be sent to the sleep lab for diagnosis. But when he lost some weight, the problems subsided. Easier said than done though. I hope this makes you feel much better.

Hmmmm…..didn’t know you were going thru this….I could have made like a bit easier for you since I used to be a vendor for OSAs- Obstructive Sleep Apneas…I too have suffered from this, and use a machine at home. I managed to obtain an Apap and wouldn;t go back to a Cpap if I could help it. As to which of the many masks there are, I use a nasal mask, simliar in form to a nasal cannula….I don’t have to read around the mask as I wear it.

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