{Shakes head, sighs} (not really but sorta sleep apnea)

So, booked in for the next sleep study. Got another massive sheaf of forms to fill out. Wrote:

I can fill in all the hospital admission forms and questionnaires again, and send them to the hospital by fax, but since I just did the sleep study health questionnaire and sent it to you guys a couple of weeks ago, and nothing has changed, it is possible for you to dig the old one out of the files and use it again? Save me 20 min or so?

Recieved back:

Thank you very much for your prompt reply, unfortunately you will have to fill out the hospital admission forms again as the hospital need this on every admission.However, the health questionnaire will be fine for this admission for you.

Hmm, reading comprehension much? Still, I got exactly what I asked for…

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