Written 4 years ago – sad bit is, not much has changed…

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There’s something I need to try to write
Alone here in the middle evening
Melodic death whispering and growling
Stuck in my familiar, futile round

I click the same four bookmarks
Repeatedly, incessantly, in silent
Boredom/fascination, and increasing speed
Stuck, trapped, locked in the iteration

The William Gibson Board
The Adventist forum

Sometimes for variety
My blog, Homestarrunner
Alien Loves Predator
Penny Arcade and Loud

I should stop, go home, do something
Produce, commit, explore
Become fecund, productive
Or speak to a human

But something keeps me clicking, looking
Reading, waiting, watching
Come on, dammit, people
I need stimulation

The freaking web is damn near
Infinite, so why
This narrow, circumscribed
Orbit/gravity well?

No real concept, except
That these sites feel like home
Their denizens my friends
Or, at least, convenient strangers

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