There is a right answer

From US National Public Radio (NPR):

Belief In Climate Change Hinges On Worldview

Well, yeah. People who are already disposed to believe in economic growth at all costs, that technology will always solve any problems it causes and… that any concern for the natural environment is a sign of communism or worse, will manage to avoid accepting what’s going on with climate change despite whatever the actual evidence says. Not sure that’s news…

(And, look, I don’t think we have the science 100% right at this stage and there’s always more to learn – but it’s ‘certain enough for our purposes’ and we need to act now: waiting for certainty will be waiting too long. Standing in the middle of the road longer as we calculate whether or not the speeding car is going to hit us makes no sense…)

The question, of course, is what we do with this knowledge. Deniers will continue to deny, because it’s hardwired for them to do so, and therefore no amount of evidence will ever convince them. And yet action is needed.

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I agree with the certain enough clause. But aren’t you showing a sort of “I’m right and you’re wrong” bias by saying that no amount of evidence will ever convince them? For the point of argument, maybe you agree with the scientists because of the way you are wired, and maybe the scientists are wrong. If our knowledge at this point is simply essentially inadequate to the task, but still consistent, would the professional science community prefix all their statements with that caveat? There is a lot at stake here, and the leaked emails etc show that pride and ambition are present in those very pros.

I’m not against them, they are probably right, but despite the pain and difficulty of doing so, I think we need to maintain respect for those taking a contrarian view.

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