As well as being a decent possible band name, this word that I coined on my bike ride this morning seems to me to be a decent descriptor of some aspects of our society. It’s jamming together ‘pathology’ and ‘idolatry’, and I take it to mean something like ‘worship of sickness’.

I don’t mean that in a puritanical, Moral Majority (sic) sort of way, but just to suggest that it’s the flaws and psychopathologies of the participants that are the key selling points of most of the reality TV out there. I shouldn’t be blind to my own, more drama-based, viewing habits, either: House’s pathologies definitely are part of what makes that show interesting. In news, too, it’s the stories of the parents who do horrible things to their kids, and other kinds of sickness, that seem to get the ratings and attention.

It’s probably just part of the human condition… but another part is ‘monkey see, monkey do’. Perhaps a little more emphasis on the healthy (and by that I don’t mean the fruit-and-vegie-and-lots-of-exercise sense, or the repress-and-hide-everything-real sense) in our culture would be… healthy.

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Making up words are we? What a very ‘Education Professional’ thing to do 😛

I’ve told you before what I think of Education Professionals and their words and writing in journals. I’m sad to see that you have joined their ranks.

Hehehe =)

I prefer Cacophonous Hullabaloo as a band name personally…

Well, Carcass have a song called Carneous Cacophony, so they’re in the ballpark… Oh, hang on, apparently they spell it Cacoffiny (geddit?)

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