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I just changed the font on the blog – the ‘Lucida Grande’ was prettier (even if it sounds like something you’d get at Starbucks), but the characters seemed too close together to make it easy to read for some people, so I’ve switched to plain old Arial Narrow. If anyone knows of a pretty, legible font that all commonly used browsers will render, let me know… Edit: (And I promise this is the last tweaking news for today!) It turned out the problem wasn’t the font, but a setting that was deliberately reducing the spaces between letters. I changed the font back and tweaked that setting a bit instead. Let me know if it’s hard to read.

Now working on how to tweak it to make the maroon header banner go all the way across the page. Edit: “Mission Accomplished” (oh-oh)

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  1. LS87DS says:

    I have a suggestion for the webpage. Have the links open in new tabs or new windows otherwise your sending people away from your site.

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