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Kieran Egan Makes Me Think (Again)

Kieran Egan is a Canadian educator who has written a lot about the importance of play, storytelling and imagination in education. I’ve been reading his stuff and enjoying it for nearly 20 years now. Just reading a little bit from one of his books today, I was struck by this passage:

If one examines the stated aims of even the most sophisticated educational thinkers, one will find a curriculum that is clearly designed to produce people like its producers. Usually this is qualified by our desire to have a curriculum that will produce people like us, but without our ‘defects’ – those, that is, we feel able to acknowledge. It would perhaps be better to say that our decisions about curriculum are largely determined by the desire to produce people like our idealized image of ourselves.

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Very interesting, but true. It is the desire of parents to have children that take the good qualities of each parent and leave out the bad things. Unfortunately it ends up more balanced than we would like. As an educator of my children, I do teach my kids the things that I believe are important in life, a love for God, a good character and a good work ethic. So far, so good.

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