End of an era

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Still working on cataloguing my achievements over the past few years, and went to log in to my UQ account to find out something… and I no longer have access. That door has slammed, and with it access to a heap of history.

Feels a bit rude in a way, but ah well… I guess it means I only have two mail accounts to monitor now instead of three, so it’s that much less spam!

Also feels like cutting a tie to the past, and moving forward.

I might just drop them a note and ask them to put a bounce message on that account in case people try to contact me…

Trumpet (In)voluntary

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Arrived at the office bright-eyed and bushy-tailed just after 7 this morning, raring to go at this 2013 thing!

Put in 2 hours on a paper – trying to do that every work day this year – which means by 9 when most people are rolling in to the office I already feel like I’ve achieved something.

My task for the rest of the day is to complete my application for promotion to Associate Professor. It’s not actually due until the middle of the year, but I’m requesting permission to apply this year rather than next (normally people can’t apply within the first 2 years of appointment), so I need to convince people that I have a strong case.

The UQ approach mostly involved just presenting the evidence, but here the form asks for a page or so of commentary in relation to my research, teaching and service, so there’s a certain amount of swallowing my natural modesty and writing as eloquently as I can about how awesome my achievements are!

I’m pretty hopeful – things have gone pretty well so far, given I’ve only been at Griffith 5 months.

So, it’s on with the writing music – something with someone blowing their own trumpet seems appropriate. 😉