Ooops – dang!

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Got an email to say one of my courses started yesterday without me… I didn’t realise that Ipswich classes were starting 3 weeks before St Lucia classes.

I need to do something about the class for next week, because I won’t be back. I only get 9 weeks with these guys, so losing 2 would be very bad.

I suspect I might end up video recording a lecture or two for them, with perhaps sending a colleague along as well.


Kind Hearts and Gentle People

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Had dinner last night at the lovely home, out in the country, of my friend and colleague Brian Martin. It was great to drive out into the prairies, and everything is lush and green at the moment. I was almost tempted to head on out to Elk Island park, which is in the same direction and full of elk and bison. If I work hard today and tomorrow I might even do that on Wednesday (there will be pics if I do).

Here’s what it was like sitting down to dinner: I’ll name people as I get to them. As much as anything, this is to help my family put faces to the names when I talk about Brian and Peter.

First up, for Alex mainly, here’s Kepler (yeah, Brian is an astronomer):

Brian and Evelyn’s daughter Leah and her daughter Mia, who is 4. (Cassie, note tiara)

Brian’s wife Evelyn, our hostess for the evening.

Violet, who is nearly 1 and was trying to climb to the top of the mantlepiece. Anyone detecting any themes here? 😉

Brian, and Leah’s husband Darcy.

Peter’s wife Cheryl.

Peter is a very nice man – but that’s not really a halo!