iPhone Day!

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Heading in to uni today to pick up my new iPhone – which will be my first ever mobile phone. Guess in this particular technology I’m an extremely late adopter… the fact that I’m not really a big fan of talking on the phone may have something to do with that. Maybe the new toy will help to overcome that phobia… Ended up picking the iPhone over the alternatives after reading a heap of reviews, and on the fact that, like most things Apple, it *just works*.

The challenges for me now are (a) to prove to Sue that I *won’t* end up extending my email obsession into every waking moment if I have it with me all the time and (b) to manage caps for calls, text and data so that I’m *not* one of the people who suddenly discovers they have a surprise $1000 (or $5000) bill for usage…

Anyway, should be fun – and though I bought it myself, this is definitely my Christmas present. I’ll ask the family for something smallish like maybe the second book of Clive Barker’s ‘Abarat’ series.