Patience 2

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I wrote a post about patience, and used Guns ‘n’ Roses’ song of the same name, about two years ago. But this particular one is categorised under ‘Bike Stuff’ for reasons that will become obvious.

After all the polling and canvassing of opinions, after all the ideas and discussions and vacillation and budget calculations, I went and had a look – including a test ride – at a bike on Thursday. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, because I want to be absolutely sure before I make any big announcements, but I did put a deposit on it. That was ‘subject to mechanic’s check’, and that’s what this post is about.

If this had been a normal weekend I’d likely have been able to pick up the bike on Friday, or at least Monday. But it’s the Easter long weekend, so basically nothing at all can happen from when I talked to the seller on Thursday afternoon until at least Tuesday morning.

So I’m loving the longer break to spend with the family, definitely not wishing my life away… but just keeping on reminding myself that the anticipation is the best part. 😉