The Potion

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Sue had been swearing by a health food drink she’s been using. It’s pretty simple – two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of cider vinegar (the good cloudy stuff, not that wimpy clear filtered stuff) in a glass of distilled water.

Have to admit I’d been sneering at it a bit as ‘magical thinking’ – vinegar is strong tasting so it must be strong to defeat illness, and so on. And the idea that it would lose all its power if it was made with tap water rather than distilled water contributed to that.

But last week I had a bit of a chest infection that was making me feel sick, and making my breath smell awful. She decided to make a glass for me morning and night when she had hers… and I drank it, and the infection is gone.

It’s not scientific, because who knows whether it would have gone anyway, but hey, it doesn’t taste too bad either, so I guess I’ll be joining her in a glass of potion now and then.