An odd encounter

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Found a message in my email Inbox this morning from someone named Karol Karolak with the title “Fw: Run for your life, lesbian Kathleen Wynne hired Dr. Karen Mock hate crime expert to address gender-based violence, sexual assault and homophobia issues at schools.”

It was spammed to a large number of my former colleagues at the University of Alberta. Below is the gist of the message, and the dialogue that followed, although I have omitted huge swathes of copied-and-pasted newspaper articles and other screeds for space reasons.

Karolak’s message:

If you happen to have some time on your hands would you be willing to search email addresses of people working for school boards and forward them email below?

—– Original Message —–
To: kwynne.mpp@liberal.ola.org
Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 2:38 PM
Subject: Fw: Run for your life, lesbian Kathleen Wynne hired Dr. Karen Mock hate crime expert to address gender-based violence, sexual assault and homophobia issues at schools.

Dear Ms. Wynne,

I just received Dr. Marty McKay’s comments regarding your newest initiative on how to solve problems of “gender-based” violence, sexual assault, and according to sexual deviants in charge ultimate sin of “homophobia” in Ontario schools.

I do not know how to convey it to you Madam but according to Canadian health statistics homosexuals have between 500 and 750 times higher rate of AIDS/HIV infections than heterosexual males (see attached letter). That being the case, your personal quest to force our children to somehow accept and abet deviant sexual practices of your son and his homosexual friends run contrary to public interest of prevention of spreading deadly and sexually communicable disease.

Just in case that you have missed latest statistics regarding prevalence of homosexuality in different age groups in Canada, these statistics indicate that lifespan of homosexuals is on average twenty years shorter than that of heterosexual males.

I find it mind boggling that Ontario provincial government would enact legislation that bans smoking in cars transporting children under a guise of protecting these children from developing lung cancer as result of exposure to second hand smoke (highly contentious connection not well supported by scientific findings) and at the same time same government tries to actively promote sexual behaviours that pose alarming risk of contracting deadly incurable disease and result in drastic shortening of lifespan of individuals practicing such sexual behaviours.

I am not a psychologist so I am not about to try to add to Dr. McKay’s comments, but I keep on wondering what does it really take to shake you out of your utter madness Madam???


Karol Karolak P. Eng.

—– Original Message —–
From: Dr. McKay
Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 11:34 AM
Subject: RE: Run for your life, lesbian Kathleen Wynne hired Dr. Karen Mock hate crime expert to address gender-based violence, sexual assault and homophobia issues at schools.

I think that it is creepy that Kathleen Wynne wants to delve into the sex lives of adolescents and presumably pre-sex lives of younger children. Should we not be assured that Kathleen Wynne, aged 51, has dealt with her personal issues before we let her loose on a cohort of children and adolescents who are going to be the “lawyers and doctors” of the future generation. Given that she grew up in another less diverse era, she could be struggling with issues of her own and be prone toward overcompensation, using others in order to exorcise her own personal demons. While I cannot say that this is the case for sure (she may have been in psychoanalysis for 25 years for all I know), I do think that it is a sufficiently reasonable hypothesis, and sufficiently high risk that we shouldn’t endorse this program. No one should be allowed to use their position of power to work out their neuroses.

I was also concerned that Kathleen Wynne stated that the answer to violence was not suspension so that the kid can “go to the mall.” She seems intent that no child or youth skip the indoctrination camp. The concerns about this program run more deeply than this, however. She is suggesting that violence be dealt with at the school which has led, in the past, to covering up crimes (for instance the reported sexual assaults of muslim girls). We as citizens should absolutely resist this closed shop because it will foreseeably lead to cover-ups and obstruction of justice and silencing of victims, especially non-preferred victims, e.g. heterosexual male victims of homosexual assault, for instance. The police and other arms of the justice apparatus should strenuously oppose any such initiatves. If a crime has been reported, it is not the school’s job to investigate it, it is the police’s job.

It is not for her and Dr. Mock to ferret out the causes of violence in the school and indoctrinate all the students. If there are assaults, let them be reported to the police as is their duty. Students are entitled to the same laws as adults and should not have to access their rights through doctrinaire school personnel. This is what we define as a cult-a closed system in which the cult authority figures come between the individual and his/her societal rights.

Dr. M. McKay

My first response, which I sent to ‘reply all’ because I thought it was useful to speak up. The whole discussion so far has been sent to the whole list:

I certainly will not be sending this crap onward to anyone, and will do my level best to stop it in its tracks. I hope all of you will do likewise.

Karolak’s reply:

Why would you as an educator use this kind of language in your email to a total stranger??? If you got offended by use of word lesbian and homosexual in relation to Ms. Wynne and her son you have to realise that these terms were used by Ms. Wynne to describe herself and her son on her own website.

Karol Karolak P. Eng.

Ps. You might be well advised that before you decide to speak out on matters social policy facing Canadians, you could at least try to educate yourself and read Ms. Wynne confessions that were originally posted at link listed below:

Some of it is still posted at that link:


Kathleen Wynne is a politician who happens to be a lesbian.

My response (I didn’t think at the time to reassure him that I don’t consider ‘lesbian’ to be a pejorative term, just a descriptive one):

I didn’t object to the language you used, I objected to the smears and fear and the notion that protecting the victims of homophobes is something from which we should ‘run for our lives’. I apologize if you were offended by the word ‘crap’, but please believe me that it was with considerable restraint that I didn’t use much, much stronger language. I’m disgusted by everything the chain of e-mails that you forwarded represent, and I didn’t feel I could stand by silently while it was passed on to others. I felt it was important to say something.

I spent 5 years living in Canada and only returned to Australia 18 months ago. I know Canadian society and the Canadian political landscape very well.

I don’t want to get into a long dialogue, spamming all of the innocent people on the list, but I couldn’t let your message to me (a total stranger too, as it happens) go by unchallenged.

Karolak’s final response – I hope and assume you’ll be able to see why I think the defense can rest:

You seem to have great difficulty with English comprehension. You wrote quote, “I objected to the smears and fear and the notion that protecting the victims of homophobes is something from which we should ‘run for our lives’.” David, everybody else who reads my message understands it the way I wrote it that; we (heterosexual majority of Canadian population) should run for our lives away from raging lesbian with homosexual son and an axe to grind.

I just received from Dr. Marty McKay, psychologist with 30 years of experience, comments on Ms. Wynne biography. I decided to share them with you knowing that her comments once again will blow over your head. Should I provide her with your memories of bullied high school boy that you posted on the Internet??? Should I ask her to psychoanalyse you as well???
Since psychology does not seem to be one of your strongest point and you pride yourself to be well educated math teacher I have a very simple test for you.
Can you solve following integral without resorting to iterations of any kind?? To simplify matters assume value of a=1.
Karol Karolak P. Eng.

(edit: d’oh, the maths symbols didn’t come across. He asked me to integrate the function e-ax2 with respect to x between -infinity and infinity)

Here is message from Dr., McKay;

Thanks for sending that bio on Kathleen Wynne. It is psychologically very revealing. Her rationalizations are not very subtle or advanced. Her ideas of “heterosexual privilege” are interesting from an ideological point of view as that could be used as an argument for why children, especially in middle-class neighbourhoods would need help in identifying their homosexuality—blinded as they are by living lives of heterosexual privilege. The gay movement needs more members, and this is one of the reasons that I believe that they are going after early identification of children and promoting the “equity” of homosexuality. She may be using her own child to advance her platform.

I noticed that Kathleen Wynne’s son is reported to have realized that he was gay when he was in the 4th grade, conveniently a couple of month before she came out so she didn’t, of course, influence him. A child is about 9 years old when he is in grade 4. How did he know that he was gay at that age? Was he having sexual urges at this age? How else would a 9-year old come to the conclusion that he was gay? I can’t think of any off-hand If so, how did those urges come about? Was he sexually abused?. How old is this boy now? There is no statute of limitation on childhood sexual abuse. If he was having sexual urges at age 9 and his mother did not ensure that he had not been sexualized (a normal question that would come to a parent’s mind if their 9-year old comes up to them and announces he is gay), was/is this a child abuse reporting situation.

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