(an explanation)

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The Braviad seems to be going OK, but it is more in the nature of a personal journal. There are still bits and pieces on policy and education and climate (and bikes) that arise from time to time, and they fit better here than there. So ‘Bravus’ will turn into something a bit more like the very wonderful ‘Trenchant Lemmings‘ – an occasional blog about the big stuff. If you don’t use RSS already you probably should, to alert you when new posts pop up.

An excellent result

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This report from The Age says that wealthier parents are more often sending their kids to public schools:


That’s an excellent thing, from my perspective, because (a) it means the public schools don’t end up as neglected ghettos for the poor and (b) it means the affluent are more likely to throw their considerable electoral muscle behind better support for public education.