At The Beach

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We made it to the beach for the first time yesterday. It’s still the middle of winter:


Grandma Nene in black in the foreground, and Cassie and Alex (and Buffy) elsewhere in the picture. Alex commented that even in real life the city of Surfers Paradise looks like a bad special effect… and she’s right.


Buffy liked the water, but she got a bit cold when the wind picked up. Nice wading weather though, and plenty of surfers.

Edit: Just by the by, this is post number 600. Go me!


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We were chatting about something on the weekend in the car and Cassie referred to the ‘nose-bleeds’. We had to explain to Sue and Alex that that meant the cheap seats way up high in the theatre – notionally so high that the thin air would cause nose-bleeds. Then Cassie said “But in Shakespeare’s time the peasants had to be down on the ground, in the… mosh pit.”

One more from Disneyland

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I’m getting much better at that whole ‘not being on the computer on the weekend’ and ‘leaving work at work’ thing… with the result that blog posting is a bit less reliably day-by-day, a bit patchier. But it means my life is a bit more balanced, which is a Good Thing, IMO.